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industry's most precise location data

Access the industry’s most accurate venue, visit, and audience data directly from the Amazon marketplace, or fill out the form below to request more information about our library of exclusive datasets and pricing options not available on the platform.

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Leverage location data and customize to your business needs

Places Data

Build geo-aware experiences and drive product strategy with rich, user-generated content such as photos, ratings, tips and reviews as well as foot traffic popularity scores for more than 60 million global.

Visit Data

Strengthen your consumer analytics, media targeting, and optimization strategies, or product development with the foot traffic patterns of over 100 million US consumers.

Audience Data

Personalize and target more effectively by appending preferences and affinities based on over 600 audience segments to your consumer profiles.

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Our underlying tech—Pilgrim—layers first-party foot traffic patterns on top of our crowdsourced venues database to validate data accuracy

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Get data for more countries, chains, and categories.

For select products, access data via API or flat file.

Activate additional data attributes outside the standard offering.

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